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    Carlos Pacheco To Join Remender On His ‘New Direction’ For “Captain America”

    By | June 3rd, 2013
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    Much like most of Marvel NOW!, when Rick Remender took over from Ed Brubaker as the writer of “Captain America”, he did so with a drastic change in the direction for the series. Gone was the hard boiled espionage that Brubaker had brought to the tile, replaced with crazy Kirby-esque pulp sci-fi action and tragic Depression Era backstories. Now, it seems, Remender is set to shift gears again as he detailed his new direction for the title as of #11 over at CBR. And with the new direction comes a new artist in the form of Carlos Pacheco, taking over from John Romita Jr.

    With issue 11 of the series, it seems that ol’ Captain Rogers will return to Earth, but he won’t be resting on his laurels as Remender is bringing Nuke back! That’s right, everyone’s favourite crazy as a sack of hammers super soldier is back in town and he’s going up against. Rick also teased that he will be introducing the Weapon Minus Program, a failsafe of sorts for the Weapon Plus Program. The Weapon Plus Program is something Remender wrote about extensively in “Uncanny X-Force” so it’s nice to see him revisit it, especially seeing as Captain America himself was Weapon I.

    For the full interview with Rick Remender and Carlos Pacheco, be sure to check out CBR


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