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    Cates and Stegman Relaunch “Venom” in May

    By | February 20th, 2018
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    Donny Cates totally lied on Twitter yesterday, but we now know that he and artist Ryan Stegman will be relaunching “Venom” this May as a part of Marvel’s newly revealed “fresh start.” The series will see current symbiote wielder Eddie Brock take on a 1000 year old primordial evil with ties to both the symbiote’s past and that of the Marvel Universe.

    Cates described this as “the biggest, most ambitious thing I’ve ever attempted for sure,” before adding, “It’s such an incredible honor to be steering the Venom ship during this amazing time in the characters life. With the 30th anniversary and the movie this year, we certainly wanted to shoot for the moon here. The ramifications of the Venom title will be felt line-wide in the months and years to come. If y’all thought ‘Thanos’ and ‘[Doctor] Strange’ were insane… well, strap in, because you ain’t seen nothing yet.” This new series comes on the heels of a lot of other Venom 30th anniversary content including the upcoming weekly “Venomized” series from Cullen Bunn and Iban Coello, as well as the recently wrapped ‘Venom Inc.’ “Amazing Spider-Man” / “Venom” crossover and the current ‘Poison X’ “X-Men: Blue”/”Venom” arc.

    Stegman also said, “Well, so far I’d say it’s my best work to date. I’m really having a blast,” Stegman says. “I’m getting to do something I rarely get to do, which is really emphasize horror. And I find that I love drawing horrific things! When I accepted this job Donny had already turned in a full script for issue one. It’s one of the best scripts I’ve ever read. Donny is a very visual thinker, and I could see all the stuff in my head he was asking me to draw before I even put pencil to paper. There’s one thing in particular in issue one that I can’t even BELIEVE I’m going to get to draw. Fans are really in for it with this one!”

    This announcements comes on the heels of the reveal that “Avengers” will get a new #1 in May as well from Jason Aaron and Ed McGuinness. Cates also teased on Twitter that he had still more books to come. Expect more announcements like this one before Marvel’s May solicitations are revealed on Thursday. In the meantime, check out some preview pages below. “Venom” #1 hits shelves May 2018.

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