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    Challenger Comics Makes “Reincar(NATE)’ #1 & #2 Available For The Price Of One

    By Alice W. Castle | February 20th, 2013
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    Here’s some goof stuff for all of you: Challenger Comics announced today that the first two issues of their new miniseries titled “Reincar(NATE)” from Michael Moreci and Keith Burns are available online for only $1.99, the price of one issue. Who could say no to that?

    If you need more convincing, the series follows Nate McCoy, a private detective, who, when investigating the disappearance of a woman called Tatiana Kraschen, has a “life-altering experience” that allows him to see an interact with all of the people he was reincarnated from.

    And if even that hasn’t sold you on getting two comics for the price of one, Challenger has a 13 page preview of the first issue available for download here. How can anyone pass this up?

    If you’re interesting in this book, then be sure to pick up at Challenger’s website.

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    Alice W. Castle

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