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    Christopher Yost To Write New Psylocke Mini-series

    By | June 22nd, 2009
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    So I haven’t been around in a while. Many things caused this, but that’s neither here nor there. So I apologize. But let’s not dwell. Onwards!

    Something you may not know about me (or hell maybe you do, and don’t care. Whatever.) is that Psylocke is my favorite X-Man. She was always the most interesting in my eyes(true story, my dream Avengers team would consist of Psylocke and Darkhawk). When I was a kid, most of my friends loved Wolverine, but I preferred Betsy Braddock here because she had everything Logan had, but also had a gracefulness he lacked, and an attitude that was far more mysterious. Not many agreed with me back in those days. But I was young. Whatever.

    One thing that she always had in spades though. Her history is probably more convoluted than any other X-Man I or anyone else can think of. She was a supporting character in the Marvel UK series Captain Britain(she and Brian “Captain Britain” Braddock being twins and all), briefly carried the mantle, was brainwashed, was resurrected in someone else’s body, watched the person with whom she switched bodies die of The Legacy Virus, had her personality wiped by The Crimson Dawn, loses telepathy, gains telek–you know what? Read her wikipedia page one day. Your head will spin for hours.

    Anyway, this mini-series(which, if you hadn’t guessed, I’m now really excited for) is a direct follow-up to the recent events in Uncanny X-Men, titled “Sisterhood.” Which I was already reading instead of X-Men: Legacy, because…I don’t like Professor X when he’s a dick. But now I really can’t wait to see this book kick major butt.

    Like I said, it’s a sequel to the recent Uncanny Arc, and it has a heavy premise. She’s finally getting to put her body to rest(the one she was born with, see how this gets confusing?) in Japan, and it gets complicated. Like always.

    Admittedly, it sounds kind of hokey. Didn’t she already bury her body? Why in Japan? she’s English! But if there’s one thing Christopher Yost can do, it’s tell a great story. He’s been one of the best X-Writers in recent memory, and who better to tell the story of one of the engaging(if not maddening) X-Characters in recent memory 😉


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