Colleen Doran Reveals Original Wonder Woman Redesigns

By | July 28th, 2011
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I’ve been quite enjoying the Wonder Woman reboot, but it is clearly not for everyone – and perhaps what was one of the earliest sticking points for fans was the redesign (pants and shoulder pads are apparently fan-repellant?).

It’s with that in mind that Colleen Doran, a rather accomplished female DC artist and creator of the series A Distant Soil, posted the following bit of information on her blog:

Some time ago, J Michael Straczynski approached me about developing a new look for Wonder Woman for a possible, more fantasy-oriented version of the comic series. Obviously, this did not happen. But JMS gave me permission to post the sketches. This was a pencil doodle that I whipped up in color in Photoshop. I’ll be making some of the sketches available for sale over the next few weeks and will post as they become available.

Colleen’s redesigns obviously didn’t quite make it into the final cut, but they do show a rather different product from what we ended up getting in the final thing, much more classical and much less “modern.” It would certainly have been interesting to see the finished product if she had had the time to do it (as she notes, her schedule was rather full around the time and still is).

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