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    Newly Acquired Robert E. Howard Characters Join “Conan: Serpent War” in December

    By | September 13th, 2019
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    Following the news earlier this week that Marvel had expanded its license of Robert E. Howard creations, the comic book publisher announced “Conan: Serpent War” featuring Conan, the newly acquired Howard characters Solomon Kane, Dark Agnes, and James Allison in addition to Marvel’s own Moon Knight. Beginning in December, the four issue series will be written by Jim Zub (“Savage Sword of Conan”) with art by Scot Eaton (“The New 52: Futures End”) in the first issue and Stephen Segovia (“Action Comics”) in the second.

    Cover by Carlos Pacheco

    Over at Comicbook.com, Zub described “Serpent War” as “a sprawling cross-dimensional epic bringing together legendary characters from the mind of Robert E. Howard with a bit of Marvel mayhem added in for good measure.” The mix of time, space, and interdimensional beings is what drew Zub to use Moon Knight. “When we were looking at which Marvel characters could be involved with the story we’d eventually call ‘Serpent War’ and what their involvement would bring into the mix, [editor] Mark Basso introduced the idea of using Moon Knight and I instantly knew he’d be a great choice. Khonshu and Set have been at odds many times in the past and Moon Knight’s troubled history gave us lots of interesting things to explore.”

    While Solomon Kane has appeared in Marvel comics previously (headlining his own solo series in 1985), Dark Agnes will be making her Marvel Comics debut in “Conan: Serpent War.” When discussing the character, Zub said, “Agnes is Robert E. Howard’s original sword woman, an uncompromising rebel in 16th Century France who fought for her freedom and calls upon bouts of intense fury in combat to overwhelm her foes.”

    “Conan Serpent: War” #1 and #2 will be available from comic book retailers and online platforms this December.

    #1 Variant Cover by Neal Adams
    #1 Variant Cover by Luke Ross
    #2 Cover by Carlos Pacheco

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