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    COPRA 2015 Subscriptions Go On Sale

    By | November 28th, 2014
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    We’d previously told you that the second trade of Michel Fiffe’s creator-owned “COPRA” was going on sale in January (pre-orders not yet live), and today we have more good news: you can now pre-order the fourth arc of “COPRA” in singles.

    Available at Fiffe’s etsy store, you can now get yourself a subscription for issues #19-24, the first of which arrives in January. After the previous arc’s character-based one-off stories, this latest run will be a full arc that Fiffe promises will “reunite the team, get back to the hunt, tie up some loose ends, usher in new crews, and complicate things for our friends in COPRA.” He also teases a few new characters in the image at the top of this post, so that should probably be a whole lot of fun.

    Fiffe also mentions that the book will feature a back-up feature by a currently unnamed cartoonist, but more stuff in “COPRA” is not something I’d ever be opposed to. And, of course, if you pre-order before December 1st, you’ll get yourself a print of Vitas to boot as well.

    I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: “COPRA” is great and you should read great. The third arc was probably my favorite and resulted in at least one of my favorite comics for all of 2014 (#16, still on sale — grab it and the rest of the arc while you can), so I can’t wait to see what Fiffe has planned for the next adventure. And while the first two arcs are out of print, you can still grab the first trade to see what all the fuss is about if you haven’t yet; if you’re at this site and a fan of superhero comics, Ostrander’s “Suicide Squad”, fantastic and meticulously intricate artwork, then “COPRA” is a book for you.

    Just remember: there are no reprints on issues, and the trades take a while to get put together. We tend to live in a cultural climate where people are obsessed with reading things from the beginning or not at all, but “COPRA” is worth just hopping into and figuring out the bits you missed as you go (especially when, as it stands, you can get almost everything right now) — if only because seeing what Guthie does when trapped in another dimension for an issue based on Kirby-isms is just the bomb. (Seriously: #16 is too good.)


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