Cosmic Comes Home In September

By | June 9th, 2011
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The above image was hidden in the back of the final issue of Annihilators this week, teasing the future of the characters and title. It’s pretty true to form – DnA and Marvel have always been pretty good about keeping what’s coming in the title a secret until the last second, leading fans like myself to always expect a teaser at the end of their cosmic books. Now we know what’s coming – the Cosmic Avengers Annihilators versus the Mighty Avengers.

Why are the Annihilators going back to Earth? Who knows. Could be Fear Itself. Could be the return of Black Bolt. Could be the return of Annihilus. Or, given the big target on Earth, is it something worse? There are a lot of things going on between Marvel’s big event and Hickman’s FF to necessitate the characters coming to Earth. Maybe there are even tryouts for the Secret Avengers now that Nova is out! One thing is for certain, though: come September 2011, we will most assuredly be watching.

Look for more info on the mini in Marvel’s upcoming solicits (I assume).

Matthew Meylikhov

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