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    Cullen Bunn To Revive “Heroes” For Dynamite Entertainment

    By | July 16th, 2013
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    Remembder Heroes? That one TV show about superheroes and comic books that was good for one season before the Writer’s Guild strike ruined everything for everyone? Well, it’s coming back! Announced over at CBR, the NBC series will return in the form of an ongoing comic series published by Dynamite Entertainment. While no artist has been announced yet, Dynamite did reveal that “Fearless Defenders” and “Helheim” writer, Cullen Bunn, will be bringing the show back. As someone who watched the show religiously (even during the lesser seasons) I’ve been following any rumour put out about a return from the show and… this is not what I was expecting.

    Hopefully, Bunn will be able to channel what made the first season great, being able to see these otherwise normal people react to the extraordinary things happening to them and how it affects their lives, and bring that to the page. Speaking on the actual comic itself, Bunn revealed that he will be introducing readers to the world of “Heroes” through Claire Bennet (if you ever heard the phrase “save the cheerleader, save the world” circa 2006, she’s the cheerleader) and will expand to bring in characters from the first season going forward.

    Right off the bat, Claire is going to be our point of view character. The first issue is centered more on her than anyone else. That said, you’re going to see most of those core characters early on in the first few issues. Hiro was the character I always liked most in the show for a number of reasons. So you’ll be seeing him and Sylar and a bunch of others who will get thrown back into the story early on. Claire, Hiro and Sylar will be big right off the bat, but it won’t be long before you see all the core characters.

    For more information on the series, check out CBR’s interview with Cullen Bunn.

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