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    Damian Wayne Returns This October In “Damian Wayne: Son Of Batman”

    By | July 3rd, 2013
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    What a twist! With Grant Morrison finally wrapping up his epic run on “Batman Incorporated”, many of us thought that Damian’s death in issue 8 of the series would be somewhat permanent (for comics, at least). That may not be entirely the case, from a certain point of view, as the NYPost has exclusively revealed Damian’s return in the miniseries starting this October. Now, before you comment in protest, hold your horse. The miniseries, written and drawn by “Batman” #666 artist Andy Kubert, will follow Damian in “a possible future that may never be” as he takes up the mantle of the Batman in what looks to be a sort of prequel to “Batman” #666.

    Title “Damian Wayne: Son Of Batman”, the miniseries will be four issues starting this October and will chart Damian’s progress from Robin through to Batman. While it may not be the return many were looking for, it’s at least something. I know I’ll be checking it out.

    Alice W. Castle

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