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    Daniel Acuna Replaces John Cassaday On Uncanny Avengers

    By | December 10th, 2012
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    In news that’s not too shocking but still a bit sad, it looks like John Cassaday is no longer the ongoing artist of “Uncanny Avengers,” officially being replaced by Daniel Acuna comes March’s sixth issue as revealed in a conference call with Marvel earlier today. #4 will be Cassaday’s last issue, with Olivier Coipel providing a fill-in for #5. Cassaday will remain the cover artist, however.

    The new arc will be entitled ‘Ragnarok Now’ and will pick up some of the threads from “Uncanny X-Force,” with the first issue featuring a young Thor battling a young(ish) Apocalypse, with Remender in talks with Aaron to keep his version of Young Thor as close as possible to Aaron’s. There aren’t many additional details available yet, but there were teases that it would tie in with the new Red Skull and even Kang for something that sounds rather intense, as far as villainous team-ups go.

    It’s not a huge surprise that Cassaday is leaving, but it is a bit of a shame either way. John Cassaday is one of the best in the business, and his work on books like “Astonishing X-Men” and “Planetary” is legendary. While both those titles (and “Uncanny Avengers”, really) are no stranger to delays, he’s one of the creators that you can happily wait for when it comes to interior art.

    That said, Acuna is a fantastic in his own right, so we expect nothing from the best. Throw in the fact that Remender is tying this book back around to his critically acclaimed “Uncanny X-Force,” and things are still looking up for the future of Marvel’s new flagship. Just take a look at the following pages from the upcoming “Uncanny Avengers” #6:

    We can’t wait to see what else comes in March.

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