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    Exclusive: September 7th is the Day of Dredd

    By | June 16th, 2019
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    We are some of the biggest 2000AD fans out there, spotlighting the weekly Progs and monthly Megazines as part of our Multiver-City One column. That is why we are so thrilled to exclusively announce that September 7th, 2019, worldwide, will be the Day of Dredd.

    Read the first details below, and make sure to check back for future updates.

    Hey, punk – this September it’s now the law that you celebrate the most hardcore lawman of them all … Judge Dredd!
    September 7th 2019 – THE DAY OF DREDD is the explosive finale of a month of celebration, promotion and events honouring Britain’s biggest comic book export and a world icon!

    Fans will be encouraged to participate by sharing their own personal memories of first encountering Dredd himself, or their favourite characters from his vast universe of stories using the hashtag #DAYOFDREDD.

    Comic book shops and libraries who send in evidence of their DAY OF DREDD displays will receive care-packages so good they should be illegal.

    The most imaginative winner will be awarded DAY OF DREDD GOLDEN EAGLE certificate and receive a treasure trove of complimentary 2000 AD goodies including trade paperbacks, toys and merchandising rarities.

    In 1977, Judge Dredd burst out of the pages of 2000 AD and blasted his way deep into the pop culture consciousness of an entire generation. He’s been bringing the law to the mean streets of Mega-City One ever since, immortalised in over 40 years of stories. Every now and then it’s important to take a step back from serving up justice and remember your many bone-breaking achievements.

    Coinciding with the event, September 5th sees the worldwide release of Rebellion’s collected edition of Judge Dredd: The Small House by Rob Williams and Henry Flint – the critically acclaimed and lauded thriller that is already being hailed as one of the classic Judge Dredd stories, with Mark Millar calling it: “one of the best runs ever”.

    The Small House mines Judge Dredd’s rich history, so now is a perfect time to dust off your Judge Dredd: The Complete Case-Files collections and catch-up on his greatest adventures!

    Participate in Day of Dredd by following #DAYOFDREDD and follow @2000AD

    More information will be revealed soon.


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