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    DC To Officially Renumber All Titles, Introduce A Few New Ones

    By | May 31st, 2011
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    Over at DCU’s the Source blog and USA Today, it has been 100% announced and confirmed the rumor everyone has been talking about: post-Flashpoint, DC is totally relaunching itself.

    You can continue to read all kinds of rumors all over the internet about things that have not been confirmed, but here is what we do know straight from the beast itself: in the last week of August, only two DC titles will come out – Flashpoint #5 by Geoff Johns and Andy Kubert, and Justice League (sans “Of America”) #1 by the long-rumored creative team of Geoff Johns and Jim Lee, i.e. two of the three big honchos over at DC Comics. It can be assumed that this has been in the works for a while, given how long the rumor has existed, and it can also be assumed that this has ties to Geoff Johns and Jim Lee’s mysterious plans for Superman, who noticeably has a different costume/hairstyle/face in the small promo image that we have (and as soon as we get a better one, we’ll update). The Justice League will feature Batman (who is not featured in the above picture, so it could be Dick or Bruce), Superman, Green Lantern (as Hal, which kills some of our WOTGL theories), The Flash (noticeably not pictured in the above image, assumedly as a Flashpoint spoiler), Wonder Woman (somewhat featuring her redesign) and Aquaman, but not Martian Manhunter for some reason, and is the first of 52 planned #1 issues for September. Yes, you read that right.

    The idea here is to make comic books more accessible for new readers, although I’m sure a few older fans (myself probably included) will have something to complain about somewhere. Either way, no matter if you think this as a positive or negative, it is an incredibly ambitious and risky undertaking for the company to try out. There will also be day and date digital comics for all of their new #1 books and everything else going forward.

    There are more announcements on the way, a few of which may or may not be spoiled by Bleeding Cool (such as a Deadman starring Adventure Comics, something called “Dark”, and something called “Edge”), who are running a marathon of post-Flashpoint rumors/news.

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