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    Deadline’s Nikki Finke: "DC Comics Has Ruined Wonder Woman"

    By | June 30th, 2010
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    While many people are upset or shocked about the changes J. Michael Straczynski and Jim Lee have taken Wonder Woman through in today’s Wonder Woman #600, perhaps none of them have been as high profile or emphatic as Deadline Hollywood’s always outspoken Nikki Finke. As she said in her article today (posted at 4:23 am Pacific Time I may add):

    DC Comics announced that, starting today, Wonder Woman “will appear like you’ve never seen her before”. And I wish they’d just left her alone, especially since she’s the only comic book character female I’ve ever admired. Of course, it took a bunch of men to ruin her. Look at the new costume design by DC Comics Co-Publisher Jim Lee below: she looks ready for Goth Day at the Sherman Oaks Galleria. (Shame on Diane Nelson, the head of DC Entertainment, for allowing this to happen. And for not finding a talented woman writer to update the icon’s saga.) Here’s the announcement about the dumbass stuff that DC Comics is doing to her. So let me start the campaign: FREE WONDER WOMAN!

    So she is…upset. Odds are this campaign will go nowhere (though DC has left themselves about a billion loopholes in escaping this mess quickly if it goes south), but it is pretty interesting to see such a high profile online presence to loudly announce her take on this, even if she clearly hasn’t been paying that much attention to ol’ Diana, as Gail Simone just recently departed the book and last time I checked she was a “talented woman writer.”
    Even with her clear displeasure, she did manage to score the exclusive art you see above. It’s new series artist Don Kramer’s cover to Wonder Woman #603, who was unknown to me until very recently (meaning this whole mess) but is another very impressive young artist to add to DC’s stable.
    I’ll be posting my thoughts on this fiasco tomorrow, so look for that first thing here at MC.

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