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    Did DC Get It Right With “Convergence?” [Reader Poll]

    By | May 29th, 2015
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    Be warned, spoilers for “Convergence” #8 follow.

    For those that have been living under a rock all week, DC concluded its “Convergence” event this week and, at the end of the main book, revealed that the entire Multiverse – from pre-Crisis Earths to the “Flashpoint” universe, all exist somewhere, and are all open to have new stories told about them. This has been a decision that has been more or less praised wherever I’ve been looking, but it isn’t one without implications.

    For instance, for every older fan it pleases, this potentially angers a younger fan, for whom the New 52 is the only DC world they know or care about. Some have claimed that by, essentially, undoing “Crisis on Infinite Earths,” DC has removed the threat of any real consequences for their characters (as if a million resurrections didn’t already hammer that point home).

    But we don’t care what others think, we care what you think. Take our survey below, and feel free to elaborate on your opinions in the comments.

    Did DC make the right call with “Convergence?”

    Yes – bringing back the Multiverse in full allows the best possible stories to be told0%
    No – by weakening the effects of events like “Flashpoint” and “Crisis on Infinite Earths,” they are hurting their current product to protect nostalgia0%
    Maybe – it depends on how they use the Multiverse going forward0%

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