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    Donald Glover For Spider-Man?

    By | June 1st, 2010
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    In the wake of a controversially opinionated article, comedian Donald Glover has thrown in his hat into the possible casting pool for the upcoming Spider-Man reboot. Glover, who is famous for his work on the NBC show Community as well as the online troupe Derrick Comedy, has said that he would love the opportunity to at the very least audition for the role, as he himself is a self proclaimed super hero fan.

    The internet campaign, which has spawned a large movement on Twitter (under #donald4spiderman) as well as Facebook is making it’s way around the internet in full force as people all over express the thought of Glover playing Spider-Man a good one, including Marvel’s writing superstar Brian Bendis. While I fully enjoy Donald Glover’s comedy (and consider him the only part of Community worth watching), seeing him as Spider-Man would certainly be quite interesting given Spidey’s 75+ years of being white. But hey, if you agree with that io9 article, there’s no reason Glover couldn’t pull off the role. He’s certainly funny enough.

    Thoughts? Opinions? Do you think they should open up Spider-Man to any actor good enough to play the part, or just cast Justin Bieber in the role? Let us know in the comments!

    Matthew Meylikhov

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