“Dry Foot” Coming this June from Mad Cave Talent Search Winners

By | February 27th, 2020
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Cover by Orlando Caicedo

Writer Jarred Lujan, artist Orlando Caicedo (“Pound”), colorist Warnia Sahadewa (“Shades of Magic”) and letterer Justin Birch (“RV9”) are creating the latest Mad Cave series, “Dry Foot.” The series is centered around Latino teenager Diego Gomez, who steals from one of the biggest gangs in 1980s Miami, Los Marielitos, as he and his three friends try to escape the cycle of violence that’s slowly eating them alive. As the mini-series goes along, the group learn about family, friendship, trust, and adversity.

Lujan and Caicedo were both winners of the 2019 Mad Cave Talent Search along with three other writers (David Hazan, Stephen Sonneveld and Liezl Buenaventurra), and two other artists (Shane Volk and Xavier Tárrega). “’Dry Foot’ was a uniquely emotional experience for me. A lot of me, and my own group of teenage troublemaker friends, made its way into the script,” said Lujan. “I’m very proud of this book, of the incredible art team that brought it to life, and I can’t wait for everyone to see it.”

“I’ve been having a blast working on ‘Dry Foot!’ It’s been a joy and an honor to be able to depict Latin characters and culture on the comic page, not to mention the fun I’m having getting to draw a story set in the 1980s,” said Caicedo. “Plus, we have a great team working on the book and everyone is bringing their A-game which shows in the finished product. Can’t wait to share this book with the world.”

“Dry Foot” #1 will be in stores and online in June 2020.

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