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    “Ether” Returns in May With “The Copper Golems”

    By | February 13th, 2018
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    In an interview with Syfy Wire, writer Matt Kindt (“Mind MGMT,” “Ninjak”) has revealed “Ether” will return in May 2018 with a sequel, “Ether: The Copper Golems.” Kindt and artist David Rubin (“Black Hammer,” “Rumble”) will come back for the series’ second arc, which publisher Dark Horse Comics have provided a synopsis for:

    “Ether: The Copper Golems” finds Boone Dias, our science-minded adventurer, trying to seal the portal breaches that have opened between Earth and the Ether that have unleashed devastating magical fury on Earth. In order to put an end to this chaos, Boone recruits a powerful team of mystical beings including a grumpy, spell-writing fairy; a bickering, lavender gorilla; and a bull-headed, motorcycling spell-hacker. These heroes set off on a journey taking the reader through the centers of volcanoes, deserts full of living mummies and sphinxes, and a bizarre fairy forest in an effort to save both worlds from complete destruction!

    No mention of the titular “giant copper golem-monsters,” but Kindt does namedrop them to Syfy Wire: head on over there for more from Kindt, who talks about Rubin’s art, how the series is akin to “The Sandman” in reflecting Rubin’s interest in mythology, emotionally surprising the reader, themes of magic and science, and whether there’s a spin-off in store for Glum the purple gorilla. There’s also an script-to-art breakdown, and a variant cover by Paul Pope (“Battling Boy”).

    “Ether: The Copper Golems” #1 is out May 16.

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