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    Ewing and Land Assemble the “Mighty Avengers”

    By | June 7th, 2013
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    The teasers have been coming all week, and now, we know what it is: it’s a new Mighty Avengers book from writer Al Ewing and artist Greg Land, and it features a cast that includes Luke Cage, Superior Spider-Man, The Falcon, Monica Rambeau, She Hulk, Power Man, Blue Marvel, White Tiger and an all-new, unknown Ronin. CBR has an interview with Tom Brevoort about it, and they talk about how Infinity pulls this team together to square off against Thanos (good luck with that).

    While the cast of characters and Greg Land’s art in no way interests me, I do have to say, the arrival of Al Ewing to American comics interests me greatly. In our 2012 in Review feature last year, many creators were saying Ewing was the guy to watch in 2013. Now we get to see what he has to bring to the table, and given the towering accolades he earned working at 2000AD, we might be looking at the next big thing.

    David Harper

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    • VJ_Ostrowski

      Al Ewing?!?! Yay!

      Greg Land?!?! Nooooo…

    • David, what’s so special about Ewing? I’m not familiar with him or his work. Thanks!

    • Braeden

      I’m not thrilled about Greg Land, but look at that team! Has there ever been such a team filled with so many people of color in a big 2 book? I mean, we don’t know who the new Ronin is yet, but other than Spider-Man and She Hulk it’s all POC. And that’s AWESOME.

      Plus, Monica Rambeau is ALWAYS a win.

    • monsunoed00

      Greg Land? Really? Its clear people in this case buy for the team/characters and don’t give a shit about who the artist/writer combo is. She Hulk can now contort in ways you never knew possible