EXCLUSIVE: Doctor Who Invades Boston

By | April 4th, 2011
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This is a bit of fun news to start a Monday morning off. And let’s add a big ol’ exclusive to the top of this, shall we? Just for kicks. I mean, I googled “Boston” and “Doctor Who” and didn’t find anything, so I suppose this counts as a bit of nerd exclusiveness.

I was out this weekend in the city of Boston and happened to notice, taped to a light pole, was a piece of paper that read BAD WOLF. Anyone who has seen the first season of the relaunched Doctor Who certainly knows the importance of this phrase, and what it popping up in multiple places means – and that’s certainly what happened. The more I traveled around the city, the more I saw BAD WOLF everywhere. I counted at least 20+ instances of BAD WOLF taped to a wall or phone booth.

Not only that, but the above HAVE YOU SEEN HIM? page, apparently put up by the Torchwood Institute, featuring pictures of Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant, and Matt Smith, adding that if anyone had seen this man to please call SGT John Sanders. The best part of this? As I stood to take the picture, a bunch of people stopped to look at what it was I was photographing – and they looked quite concerned about the image.

In the Doctor Who mythos, there is no John Sanders. Calling 1-800-TORCHWOOD does not get you anything. I am still waiting to see what happens from e-mailing “” Now – obviously this isn’t real viral marketing. This is just a fan of the show in Boston having some fun. However, there is something to be said for the humorous creativity of fans, and this was certainly a fun way to amuse me this past weekend.

So congrats, SGT John Sanders. We’ll keep our eye out for this mysterious Stockholm Syndrome-inducing man, and let you know what we find.

Matthew Meylikhov

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