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    Exclusive: First Look at 4 of DC’s “Teen Titans Go!” Variant Covers for July [Preview]

    By | April 17th, 2015
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    Each month, DC has been putting out some incredibly fun themed variants – from March’s movies theme to Chip Kidd’s minimalist “Convergence” covers, DC has been doing some really fun and great looking variants lately. July will be no different, with DC rolling out covers based on Teen Titans Go!, the Cartoon Network-aired, super fun take on everyone’s favorite team of sidekicks.

    Thanks to the fine folks at DC, we can exclusively reveal four of these covers below – “Action Comics” by Dan Hipp, “Deathstroke” by Sean Galloway, “Green Arrow” by Craig Rousseau, and “Wonder Woman” by Ben Caldwell.

    Action Comics #42 Teen Titans Go Variant by Dan Hipp
    Deathstroke #8 Teen Titans Go Variant by Sean Galloway
    Green Arrow #42 Teen Titans Go Variant by Craig Rousseau
    Wonder Woman #42 Teen Titans Go Variant by Ben Caldwell

    Below, find the complete list of books participating in that month’s variant promotion. Check them all out come July, and thanks again to DC for this exclusive reveal!

    ACTION COMICS #42 by Dan Hipp
    AQUAMAN #42 by Craig Rousseau
    BATMAN #42 by Dan Hipp
    BATMAN/SUPERMAN #22 by Dan Hipp
    CATWOMAN #42 by Ben Caldwell
    DEATHSTROKE #8 by Sean Galloway
    DETECTIVE COMICS #42 by Dan Hipp
    GOTHAM ACADEMY #8 by Sean Galloway
    GOTHAM BY MIDNIGHT #7 by Sean Galloway
    GRAYSON #10 by Sean Galloway
    GREEN ARROW #42 by Craig Rousseau
    GREEN LANTERN #42 by Jorge Corona
    HARLEY QUINN #18 by Ben Caldwell
    JUSTICE LEAGUE #42 by Dan Hipp
    JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #2 by Craig Rousseau
    NEW SUICIDE SQUAD #10 by Craig Rousseau
    SECRET SIX #4 by Sean Galloway
    SINESTRO #13 by Jorge Corona
    SUPERMAN #42 by Jorge Corona
    SUPERMAN/WONDER WOMAN #19 by Sean Galloway
    TEEN TITANS #10 by Ben Caldwell
    THE FLASH #42 by Jorge Corona
    WONDER WOMAN #42 Ben Caldwell

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