Fans Unite to End the “Travesty” that is Avengers Arena

I love comics. I really do. They’re my favorite medium of entertainment, and they really do entertain me (speaking of which, hoo boy, that Hawkeye book from Fraction and Aja? Really great, bro). But there is a certain level of trepidation I approach fandom with because…well, sometimes things like this happen.

This of course being a petition on to Marvel EIC Axel Alonso to…well, let’s show what below.

Ban Avengers Arena

The person who started it even went as far to say “we cannot allow these young heroes in training to be killed off, it is an injustice to them and the future of comics,” calling Avengers Arena a “travesty” in the process.

Can fictional characters really have injustices perpetrated upon them? Is it really a travesty when it’s a comic book? I mean, I enjoy comics as much as the next guy, but in the grand scale of things, aren’t there more important petitions to start or sign? It just seems a little off that people feel as if they have ownership over these characters, or that they have the right to guide their path simply because they don’t like where they are headed. These are not choose your own adventure stories – they’re comic books.

I’m sure Marvel, Dennis Hopeless and Kev Walker have some sort of plan in the mix, and we’ll all see it before too long. After reading the first issue (have not had the chance to read the second yet), I was impressed by what Hopeless and Walker gave us, and I’m looking forward to what comes next. Given that before this book many of these characters were lost in the “debris pile” the petition starter was lamenting, maybe they should be pleased that Darkhawk and other forgotten young characters are getting some action?

Realistically, doesn’t this petition just seem silly? The world is ending tomorrow, anyways. At least I’m going to go out on a high – I had Mettle in my “first to die” betting pool.

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User's Comments
  • Ian

    I’m pretty sure it’s virtual reality/video game anyway.

    • Matthew Meylikhov

      Spoiler alert.

    • David Harper

      With a character named Arcade at the helm? This seems unrealistic.

  • Patrick

    Not sure what the big fuss is about. The book is pretty enjoyable. And as you said yourself, Dave. I’m glad these characters are getting some attention. This goes in the same way the death threats against Slott have been happening. These are Marvel’s characters and if peope don’t like it, they simply stop reading it.

    • David Harper

      Agreed. I think it gets down to the sense of entitlement some fans feel, inexplicably. Why should we have rights over any of these characters we simply read about?

      • BananaFunDay

        Making a petition isn’t saying you have the right to decide the fate of a character. It is speaking out against something in hope that it will be changed, but that doesn’t mean that the person feels they own the character.

        • Matthew Meylikhov

          Maybe not in every case, sure, but there is a reason the notion of a Fan Entitlement exists, or “Fan Dumb” as sometimes referred (

        • David Harper

          It may not be explicitly what they’re saying, but it’s what they are trying to do through their actions.

  • Osvaldo Oyola

    Yes, this is misguided (I mean, doesn’t this person read comics? characters always die and come back- don’t worry). On the other hand, I think the idea of “more important” petitions to sign or start is also misguided. I mean, it isn’t as if there’s a limit to the # of petitions a person can start/sign. For all we know this person started other petitions in favor of gun control, gay marriage, and equal access to pop rocks for all Americans immediately before or after starting this one.

    • David Harper

      That was said facetiously. Sometimes it’s hard to convey that on the intarwebs, but generally, I find petitions to be pretty passive aggressive anyways.

  • Dakota Jarvis

    I want the series to keep going not just because I find it to be rather fun but because the covers have been fantastic so far. Can I petition to stop the petition?

    • David Harper

      Man, the second cover was great, wasn’t it?

  • Vince Ostrowski

    I didn’t like the first issue at all. That said, these people are what’s wrong with comics, if you’ll let me be frank.

    Fans demanding that books get cancelled because they “cannot allow these young heroes in training to be killed off, it is an injustice to them and the future of comics” plays right into the stereotype of the comic book fan as the angry, basement dwelling nerd.

    If there’s one thing I’ve learned in over a decade of obsessive comic book fandom, it’s this: everything runs in cycles. The things you like will eventually come back around, or you’ll find something new to replace them easily enough. And then you can move on to hating other things.

  • jin

    The fact that he mentions Hunger Games, and not BATTLE ROYALE, tells me his petition is unwarranted.

    I don’t mind this adaptation by Marvel. I don’t even think they tried to hide it. The Logo is even very similar to Battle Royale.

  • Killer_Tapir

    Oh the book is godawful in every possible way. There really is no getting around that. Buuuut I was just going to forget the stupid thing ever existed rather than join a petition. Marvel wont listen to common sense or critical bashing in the same way they listen to poor sales.

    I think the major reason people are annoyed is that killing off good, enjoyable characters in a pointless waste of a comic book limits the potential of the Marvel universe as a whole. Those characters could be used to good effect anywhere else for years to come. Instead they and the fans of those characters get screwed over by a vapid shock comic.

    Sorry, I’ll go back to not reading it now.

  • Dean

    Well I think it’s a little telling that they have amassed 10 signatures so far. The concept is derivative but the execution has been pretty interesting. I think it manages to go beyond the hype and is delivering some genuine and honest character moments.

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