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    First Second Announces “One Year at Ellsmere” and “Truckus Maximus”

    By | January 8th, 2019
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    A pair of announcements came from First Second Books today. First up, they will be publishing “One Year at Ellsmere” by “The Nameless City” creator Faith Erin Hicks. Additionally, they announced a new OGN by Scott Peterson and Jose Garcia, called “Truckus Maximus.”

    Original inking (left) vs. new inking (right)

    “One Year at Ellsmere” is a reprinting of Hicks’s “The War at Ellsmere,” originally published in 2008 by SLG. The story follows a new student at Ellsmere Academy, whose roommate is hunting a legendary monster in the forest by the school. The new version will be completely re-inked and now have full color.

    Hicks is excited to revisit one of her lesser known works, saying, “I’m really excited that I get to return to it now 10 years later and use the skills that I have now to upgrade the art, to make it look beautiful and modern. And then for it to hopefully find a brand-new audience when First Second publishes it.” The book will be available sometime in 2020.

    The second announced book, “Truckus Maximus,” was revealed on Twitter. The book takes place in a world where the Roman Empire never fell, and the gladiators are now enslaved teenagers racing monster trucks for reality TV. No other details were revealed besides the creative team of writer Scott Peterson (“Batman: Kings of Fear,” “The Batman Adventures”) and artist Jose Garcia, and a release date of October 2019.

    Justin Beeson

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