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    Francesco Francavilla Joins Fraction on Hawkeye in April

    By Matthew Meylikhov | January 18th, 2013
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    I’ll let you in on a little secret: when this press release showed up in the Multiversity Offices, we burst out into instant jubilation and excitement. Francesco “The Man, The Myth, The Legend” Francavilla illustrating two issues of Marvel’s “Hawkeye,” one of if not the best superhero comics on the stands? As if there weren’t enough reasons to be overly excited about this damn comic!

    But because Marvel and Fraction et al love you, Francavilla will be joining Fraction on “Hawkeye” #10 and #12, which seem to be tied into this mysterious Clown teaser we saw last year. Very little else is known about it, but given how great the series has been so far it’s highly unlikely that this won’t be just as awesome as, you know, every other issue of “Hawkeye” so far.

    And if you somehow are unawares of the massive talent that is Francavilla, might we be so polite as to suggest running to your local shop to grab “Black Beetle” #1, on stands now?

    Congrats to Francavilla on the gig, and we can’t wait to see the issue. See below for the Marvel press release.

    Marvel Press Release

    This April, a deadly super villain targets Clint Barton and all he holds dear–but luckily he’s got Eisner-Award winning artist Francesco Francavilla joining him for Hawkeye #10! New York Times best-selling writer Matt Fraction (Fantastic Four, FF) kicks off an all new story- providing the perfect jumping on point for new readers- as the Avenger known as Hawkeye finds himself facing his deadliest opponent yet. Who pulled the trigger? Where have you seen him before? The answers will send everyone’s favorite archer reeling in the hit series that ComicBookResources.com deems. “the coolest comic book being published today, with each issue bursting forth with ridiculous ideas at a breakneck pace while still remaining accessible and grounded.”

    “On Hawkeye we’ve been blessed with not only one of the biggest writers in comics with Matt Fraction, but also some of the best artists like David Aja, Javier Pulido and now Francesco Francavilla,” said Stephen Wacker, Senior Editor, Marvel Entertainment. “Though he’s only on the series for issues #10 & #12, Francesco is going to leave his mark on Clint with some of the most beautiful art you’ll see all year!”

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    New story. New Threats. New Artist. You cannot miss Fraction & Francavilla teaming up for the first time ever in Hawkeye #10, on-sale in April!

    HAWKEYE #10
    Written by MATT FRACTION
    ON SALE APRIL 2013

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