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    By | February 26th, 2010
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    Oh my goodness, it’s your new favorite column back for another week!

    This week, arguably the biggest thing to happen to me was the weird blowing up of a little article I wrote on Friday afternoon. David started a new column based on an idea from his god (Warren Ellis) in order to discuss industry trends. Due to the large amount of tasks David has taken on recently, this article kind of fell to the wayside and David wasn’t writing it anymore. Well, I’m always trying to find ways to bump up our content, so I decided to take it over as I have about a months worth of good articles in me right now, and I started with something I’d been trying to get David to write for a while: Comic Book Piracy.

    What resulted was several links (all greatly appreciated), backing by Ron Marz, and intense discussion in the comments section. You know, this is what is really great about the website. We saw a brand new crowd of users and a brand new crowd of opinions and thoughts, all from one little thing that I never even imagined might be viewed as important or relevant in any way. Of course, the agreement in the article’s comments section was rather minimum, but never the less.

    With that in mind, I bring you this week’s round-up of news articles and posts from your faithful crew at Multiversity Comics.

    • We started off the weekend by posting videos of Marvel’s online animated What The-? series, this time focusing on the winter olympics.
    • As always, I brought you the movie news round-up of the week.
    • I was immensely excited to post this: the brand new trailer for the new series of Doctor Who appeared online.
    • Have you ever wondered what Oscar nominated film Inglourious Basterds would look like as a comic book?
    • My aforementioned Comic Book Piracy article: clickety clack
    • As Brandon was on vacation in Hawaii, this Sunday David had you covered.
    • Waaaaaaaalt brings his brand new article series live: A Crisis of Chronology, with the inaugural post being about our favorite Grant Morrison.
    • Gil brought you a review of the latest Smallville episode, which was of course the best one on the internet.
    • David gave us a great interview with amazing writer Jason Aaron in two parts. One and Two
    • We sat around and wondered “Just who are the Secret Avengers?”
    • Someone out there loves us, because Axe Cop the motion comic now exists.
    • David talks a bit about The Guild comic book, hoping to catch Felicia Day’s eye of affection.
    • Action Comics #1 is sold for a million dollars. Somewhere out there, Jerry Seinfeld is either very mad or very excited.
    • David brought us an advance review of Top Cow’s Broken Trinity: Pandora’s Box.
    • Matt tears open a copy of Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths, only to then tear into it, with Gil as a back up.
    • We posted a fan made video of one of the most powerful scenes in all of the Walking Dead. AMC, pay attention.
    • Stan’s back.
    • Steve Ponzo returns to Small Press Spotlight, this time highlighting recently re-released Mesmo Delivery.
    • Brandon returns to us to discuss his takes on digital comics again, this time focusing on comics on airplanes.
    • So not only are we getting Doc Savage in First Wave as well as in his own new book, but there are plans for a Doc Savage movie. Someone in a powerful seat must be a fanboy!
    • I, for whatever reason, take the time to discuss the Batman porno. There might be two!
    • Gil brings us his first episode of The Short Report, offering an addendum to the comic book piracy discussion.
    • We, as always, provide you with a list of this week’s comics.
    • David and Matt whip up an interview with the artist behind Axe Cop, Ethan Nicolle. Not only that, but they ask a couple questions to his parents too!Continued below

    • Matt puts a spotlight on the webcomic Let’s Be Friends Again.
    • Gil does a review of the movie Hero Tomorrow, claiming it’s already better than Kick-Ass.
    • Matt addresses some current issues with the TV show Heroes.
    • David reminds people to get your votes in for Zuda.
    • Guess what! White Lantern rings!
    • Crit returns with the best write-up of Lost episode 5 on the internet.
    • We bring to you your expected and deserved Wednesday reviews, this time with our book of the week being Blackest Night #7, which was pretty insanely awesome.
    • In lieu of said awesome issue, we present to you the covers of Green Lantern #52. However, if you haven’t read Blackest Night yet, click that at your own peril.
    • Walter decides that he doesn’t really care about Crisis on Two Earths, so he’s going to review the much better Mask of the Phantasm.
    • David speculates as to who will play Captain America. If you’re asking me, I don’t like any of those people on the list. But I can’t think of better…
    • Hot off the heels of us talking about the insanely high selling Action Comics #1, Batman’s first appearance outsells it anyway.
    • Burpee (finally) brings back his Comic Book Asylum, this time broadcasting from Hawaii!
    • Matt and Mocle decide they can’t let Burpee and David have all the fun, so they bring you a brand new audio podcast: Spoiler Alert! Available on iTunes. Yeah. We’re nice like that.
    • I’m on Friday Rec this week, and what do I rec? Click to find out! (Spoiler Alert: It’s the Authority)
    • Finally, I take a look at the leaked Y: The Last Man script by Brian K Vaughan. Too bad it’s not as good as the book.

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