Gail Simone Back on Batgirl. For Real.

According to Gail Simone on Twitter, she’s now the new writer on Batgirl, after getting unceremoniously ditched from the book a couple weeks back in a controversy that drove most of the Internet to madness and DC to their apocalypse bunkers weeks early. Assuring us it’s not a hoax, she’ll be back sooner rather than later.

To this, I have this to say: what the hell? Is DC losing their minds over in NYC? Fire a writer in horrible fashion, and then bring her back weeks later because fans want her back? It’s hard to tell what’s less appealing over there, the insane mechanics behind how they work or the lack of conviction behind it. It’s good to know a good person like Simone comes out well in the end, but come on DC…what are you guys doing?

Even the Mayans couldn’t have predicted this, folks.

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