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    Garry Henderson Speaks Out Against Zenescope

    By | December 14th, 2012
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    No need for us to say too much here. Consider this a signal boost, if you will.

    From his DeviantArt blog (as a note, quite a few expletives in there):

    Well it only took almost 4 fucking years and a 30% fee to a collection agency, but I FINALLY got the rest of my money from Zenescope.

    How those fucks can still stay in business with the constant problems they have with paying creators is beyond me. I’m not the only person that’s had that problem with that company, I’m just the only person that isn’t scared to say shit about it in an open forum.

    If you decide to work for em after reading this, thinking to yourself “Maybe things are different now.” then you deserve all the stress and ulcers that come your way. I’ve talked to way too many people in the past asking if I’d recommend them working for Zenescope and told them to avoid at all costs. They would do it anyway thinking things would be different for them only to tell me months later that Zenescope hadn’t paid them either.

    They’ll constantly waste an asston of money attending conventions, yet can’t make sure their artists are paid in anything resembling a timely fashion.

    I’ll say it again: Four. Fucking. Years. And I still lost money by having to pay a collector to go after their asses.

    Garry’s not alone in this, as several people chime in in the comics to relay similar experiences. While this only half the story, it won’t hurt to keep this in mind next time you give Zenescope any money. (If you give them any money, anyway.)

    Matthew Meylikhov

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    • I don’t really read manboy sex-fantasy titty comics and now I suppose I never will.

      • Hey, last I heard Tarot’s still self-published!