Geoff Johns’ Run On Flash Ends With Flashpoint

By | May 31st, 2011
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Geoff Johns is one of those guys who started so brilliantly unassuming and has become an absolute colossal entity at his company. Say what you will about his work – love it or hate it – the man is important to DC. While he is certainly most known for his work on Green Lantern, there is one character that Johns also helped give a rather defining run to – and that is the Flash.

Johns has worked on the Flash since 2000, with a five year run that saw the creation of new villains and the fleshing out of the brotherhood that is the Rogues. With an extended run with Wally, Johns returned to the Rogues during Final Crisis and has since been in charge of Barry Allen’s return to the modern DCU. Now, DC’s The Source has announced that Geoff Johns will no longer be working with the Flash any longer post-Flashpoint. Whether you have loved or hated his run with the character, it’s impossible to deny the rather huge effect he has had on the Flash family, shaping the current incarnation into what it is before someone else takes over.

So while Johns moves on to Aquaman come September (and who knows what else?), the question remains: who is going to take over the Flash? We now have 3 characters with the title, plus a Kid Flash, a new Impulse, and Jesse Quick. Even Max Mercury is running around somewhere. DC wouldn’t go to all the trouble of bringing the Flash back just to have Kid Flash be the only character anyone uses, right?

I for one nominate and cross my fingers that, post-Flashpoint, Sterling Gates will write the ongoing adventures of the Flash. He’s writing the Kid Flash tie-in, and he’s definitely my favorite most-underused writer DC has.

Who do you guys want to see take over the Flash?

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