Get Your First Look at “Orphans” #3 [Exclusive]

A few years ago, BOOM! was releasing a “28 Days Later” comic that acted as a bridge between the original movie and its sequel. It didn’t get a lot of buzz unfortunately, dealing with a zombie unsaturated market and some future show-turned-book called “the Dead that Walk,” or something along those lines. Yet, it never the less remains one of my favorite books of the last few years, and I’ll never forget the first time I read the scene with “the Mannequin.” Those of you who read the book certainly know what I’m talking about.

It’s on that note that I bring up this book called “Orphans,” written by the same author, Michael Alan Nelson, with the express duty of putting it on your radar. The first issue of the mini-series about a team of six orphans who are molded into superspies and then snuck into the world is in stores next week, so we’re giving you a look into the future with April’s 3rd issue.

Look for an interview with Michael on this site soon. In the mean time, enjoy the covers for “Orphans” #3 and the solicit below.

Author(s): Michael Alan Nelson
Artist(s): Jose Holder
Cover Artist(s): A: John Tyler Christopher B: Mitch Gerads

The team has uncovered the secrets of the “Black Friday” terrorist plot…and they are devastating. Will the Orphans be able to stop Alconi in time? Or will the saboteur in their ranks break the team apart before they even get the chance?

Written by Michael Alan Nelson (28 DAYS LATER, VALEN THE OUTCAST, HEXED) and drawn by Jose Holder (ICE AFFLICTED), ORPHANS is a tense thriller perfect for fans of spy fiction!

Ask your retailer about the Mitch Gerads (THE ACTIVITY) incentive variant cover.

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