Grant Morrison’s SINATORO

By | July 23rd, 2010
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Grant Morrison is the big fan favorite here at Multiversity Comics, and while his current run on Batman and Robin is coming to a close as well as the end of Joe the Barbarian, we’re all beginning to wonder what’s next. While we’re not sure in the world of comics, we do know about several movies and TV shows in the works, including the recently announced Sinatoro!

The film’s plot synopsis reads as follows:

Sinatoro, a man with no past and no memories; the sole survivor of a car crash in the middle of a desolate American desert road. When he encounters the beautiful daughter of a cult leader, she convinces him to help defeat the forces of evil, which have overrun her town. His journey pits him against the world’s most dangerous gangster and allies him with a deranged astronaut, a drunken cowboy, and an army of hobos. As Sinatoro travels through an American landscape made of pop culture nightmares, he struggles to understand who he is and why everyone is out to get him.

The film, directed by Adam Egypt Mortimer and produced by Zdonk, will help to bring some of Morrison’s metatextual ideas to the screen. Described by Morrison, the film is “a hallucinatory road-trip into the American psyche, and it evolved into a unique and genre-busting project, worthy, we hope, of a new way of thinking about movies.” He also plans to get the audience involved. “Sinatoro will be more than just a movie. It will be a love story, a cult, a philosophy, an ongoing participatory party that starts long before a picture hits the screen and lasts far beyond the final credits. I’m very excited to help create the first of a new kind of picture for the 21st century.”

Look for any and all future information as we get it.


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