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    Green Hornet Trailer Arrives Online

    By | June 22nd, 2010
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    I realize that we rarely talk about the Green Hornet online, but for those who don’t know yet Dynamite is actually releasing a LARGE amount of Green Hornet comic books, including one that is an adaptation of Kevin Smith’s old script for the film. Why is that? Well, mainly because they got the rights to the property, but it doesn’t hurt that a Green Hornet movie is on the way. And now, the first trailer is online:

    I’m not a huge fan of the Green Hornet, so outside of my limited knowledge I can’t tell you how accurate it looks (though the costumes do look great). One thing that I can say, though ,is it’s a lot more humorous than I expected. I suppose that’s no surprise as Seth Rogen is in the lead role, but it’s still a tad bit odd that they would take such a comedic role with the film. Either that, or Seth Rogen does a lot of improvised jokes and no one can stop him.

    However, the trailer is pretty good. You get a brief look at Chistoph Waltz in his next villainous role for American audiences, it sets a tone for the film, and there are some nice stylistic sequences. It’s also important I think to note that despite this being a film directed by Michel Gondry, there is no real indication that this movie will have the same quirkiness that Science of Sleep or Be Kind, Rewind had, which is absolutely fine.

    The Green Hornet arrives in theaters on the 14th of January next year.

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