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    Green Lantern Character Posters Hit The Net

    By | July 26th, 2010
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    Now that Comic Con is over, we’re going to be in a bit of slow news lull as all the fun stuff was announced there and the internet slowly catches up. However, right off the bat we’re getting these stellar new Green Lantern – and they kick ass! Featuring Hal (Ryan Reynolds), Carrol (Blake Lively), Sinestro (Mark Strong), and evil mutated Hammond (Peter Sarsgaard), the posters connect to both create Green Lantern logos as well as show us the famous oath.

    What’s really fun is this is our first official look at Sinestro – which is pretty fantastic for being so small – as well as Hector Hammond, and on top of that Hector Hammond’s logo is glowing yellow. Ooo! It has been confirmed that Parallax will feature in the film, so it’ll be interesting to see how it factors into the film. For those that do not know Hammond’s origin, it was retconned by Johns (who is a consultant on the film) that Hammond was radiated by the crashed spaceship of Abin Sur (versus the meteorite that caused the mutations in Gorilla City). Of course, recently in the comics Parallax has been connected to Hammond post-Blackest Night in an as of yet unrevealed way.

    For the full resolution images, check behind the cut!

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