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    Green Lantern: First Flight Trailer

    By | May 10th, 2009
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    Animated super hero movies are all the rage between Marvel and DC right now, and all things considered they’re pretty equal as far as what they’ve released goes. They’ve both released great animated films (Marvel: Ultimate Avengers 1, 2, Hulk Vs Wolverine; DC: Justice League: The New Frontier, Superman Doomsday) and they’ve both released pretty sub par animated films (Marvel: Next Avengers, Doctor Strange; DC: Wonder Woman, Batman: Gotham Knight). However, it looks like now DC wishes to tip the balance in Green Lantern: First Flight.

    Fanboys are clamoring for a new DC property live action feature film, and DC has heard and listened. The Green Lantern movie is well into pre-production, and leaked copies of the script in tiny pockets of the internet (although I won’t link you to where because you shouldn’t be reading it!). The debates of who will play Hal Jordan are even going on in this website. Needless to say, it’s all very great and fun. But we won’t see that movie until the end of next year. So what does DC do to tide us over? Why, it produces an animated PG-13 feature film so we can all enjoy the adventures of Hal Jordan.

    I proudly present to you the HD Trailer for Green Lantern: First Flight

    This DVD comes out on single and 2-disc edition on July 21st (my birthday!), and you can be sure I’ll be going to the store after work to pick it up without a doubt. Also, after watching the new Star Trek film, does anyone else think that Zachary Quinto and Chris Pine should team up for the roles of Sinestro and Hal Jordan in the live action feature film?

    Matthew Meylikhov

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