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    Guess Who’s Back?

    By | May 11th, 2010
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    Last week, Oberon Sexton took off his mask to reveal the horrific face of the Joker hiding underneath. It turns out that after all this time, the mysterious individual who had been coyly helping Batman and Robin is Batman’s greatest archenemy of all time. What does this mean for the future? Is the Joker a good guy as long as Bruce Wayne is dead? What’s going on?!

    Well, we hadn’t been allowed to see the Frank Quitely cover for issue #13, and the reason for that is obvious now. Take a look at Quitely’s gorgeous rendering of the demented clown prince of crime as he goes up against the new Batman and Robin, and Robin brings one of Joker’s favorite bird killing weapon with him.

    Written by GRANT MORRISON – Art by FRAZER IRVING – Cover by FRANK QUITELY – 1:25 variant cover by FRAZER IRVING

    Writer Grant Morrison is joined by artist Frazer Irving (BATMAN: RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE) for the first chapter of a 3-part epic!

    Thomas Wayne — a man believed murdered over 20 years ago — has returned with an incredible tale to tell, and he’s claiming the entire Wayne fortune! He’s slyly demanding that Bruce Wayne must return if Bruce wishes to oppose the claim! Plus, the long-awaited return of the ultimate Batman villain!

    So the Black Glove/Thomas Wayne has returned, the Joker has returned, and El Penitente is somewhere around the corner. Stayed tuned for June 23rd for the return of Batman and Robin.

    Matthew Meylikhov

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