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    Master Chief Returns in “Halo: Collateral Damage”

    By | March 7th, 2018
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    Halo fans, rejoice! If you’re getting tired of playing Halo Wars 2 and want to be immersed once more into the saga of Master Chief and Blue Team as they head into battle, you’re in luck. The world of Halo returns to comics with a brand new mission for Master Chief, according to Newsarama and Halo Waypoint, in “Halo: Collateral Damage.”

    Published by Dark Horse, “Halo: Collateral Damage” will follow Master Chief and Blue Team as they infiltrate an unstable colony world. The team must prevent the Covenant from uncovering an ancient power below the planet’s surface. As the mission continues, Master Chief and company must unravel the mystery of this ancient power and the possible ramifications it can have on the Halo universe at large.

    This three-part miniseries will be brought to life by writer Alex Irvine (“Halo: Rise of Atriox” #4, “Iron Man: The Rapture”), who returns to the Halo universe and will be joined by artist Dave Crosland (“Scarface: Scarred For Life”), colorist Leonard O’Grady (“Judge Dredd”), letterer Simon Bowland (“The Wild Storm,” “Bloodshot Salvation”), with cover art by Zak Hartong (“Albatross,” “Clovis”).

    Make sure to get caught up on all of Dark Horse’s “Halo” comics before “Halo: Collateral Damage” hits comic book shelves on June, 6 2018.

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