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    Exclusive: “Harley Quinn” #50 Art-Jam to Feature Dan Jurgens and Brett Booth

    By | September 15th, 2018
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    On Wednesday, “Harley Quinn” #50 will hit comic shops. The oversized ‘anniversary’ issue will feature a number of iconic artists from DC’s stable, playing around not just with Harley, but with the larger DC Universe and even the Multiverse. This is due to the presence of Jonni DC, as well as Harley having, kinda, sorta, broken continuity. Over the next few days, we will be revealing a few of the myriad creators stepping into this issue, written by regular series writer Sam Humphries. Today, we feature two long-time DC creators, Dan Jurgens and Brett Booth!

    Booth, the “Titans” and “The Flash” artist, had this to say about his pages:

    While I don’t get to draw Harely very often, she is one of those characters that’s just fun to work with. Add in dinosaurs and it’s pretty much a perfect project you can’t say no to. Sam, Alex and Andrea let me play for two glorious pages, I just wish it was a bit more!

    This is what Humphries had to say about the dinosaur-heavy pages from Booth:

    I was completely astounded to see Brett’s pages. One of the joys of this art jam was to see artists be true to themselves in unexpected ways. Who knew Brett Booth was a master of dinosaur art?? Alex Antone and Andrea Shea knew, that’s who! I immediately wanted to pitch a prehistoric monster book with Brett. It might happen!

    The pages by Jurgens are reminiscent of, perhaps, his most famous story. Here’s what he had to say about Humphries’s script:

    When Sam’s plot came in, it featured four versions of Harley patterned after the idea of the four imposters who claimed to be Superman in the wake of his “death.” How could I not have fun with that? So, aside from the usual fun that always involves Harley, this personal twist made it even more enjoyable.

    And here is what Humphries said about the Jurgens pages:

    When I saw Dan’s pages, I felt like we had pulled off something hard to believe. A twist of the Death of Superman epic by one of the legends who made it! Dan wasn’t hesitant at all – dude’s got a wicked sense of humor and he really delivered. I don’t know if the world of comics knows it needs these pages, but it does!

    Make sure to check back tomorrow, when we can exclusively reveal another artist featured in the book. And thanks again to DC for providing this exclusive for Multiversity.

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