Haunt Getting Retooled by McFarlane

I haven’t read the issue yet (who has time to read comics when writing about them all the time?), but according to a report at Bleeding Cool it’s actually the last issue, as the story of Haunt will be continued in the pages of “Spawn.” Why? Because Todd McFarlane is going to give it an overhaul. Despite being solicited out to issue #31, Casey and Fox’s run has ended prematurely, and as McFarlane said to Bleeding Cool,

I am looking to retool the book and make it more creepy. I want the word HAUNT to be much more meaningful to the impact of the stories in the future.

Apparently McFarlane will be playing around with the character and his world in the pages of “Spawn” before eventually spinning him back out into his own series again at some point in the future. It’s a shame, though; Casey and Fox have had a fantastic run on the book so far, and easily the more memorable of the two iterations of the title. Given all that they had set-up, you’d imagine they had planned for far beyond issue #31, but alas.

Of course, McFarlane and Kirkman originally launched the book to be something similar to Spawn, and with something that McFarlane ostensibly planned to be a franchise as big as Spawn is, it makes sense that he might re-do it a bit to match the tone of his more famous and recognized property.

Either way, we’ll pour some out for our homie, and hope to see Casey and Fox collaborate again in the near future.

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  • Sventje

    Thank god. The new run was terrible. First time I threw a comic book away and I’m REALLY uncritical…

    • kanepool

      Completely agree! They totally destroyed the great story that was established before they took over. And the art was horrible.

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