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    Heroes And True Blood Actors Team Up To Write Comic Books

    By | June 14th, 2010
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    Now that Heroes is over, Zachary Quinto’s future work is unknown. I guess it’s a good thing then that he has a publishing deal with Archaia, and starting in August he and True Blood actor Michael MicMillian are teaming up to bring us a comic book called Lucid, which will be out on Archaia. The story behind the comic book explores what would happen if international spies used secret magical powers. About the comic, MicMillian said:

    “What I wanted to do with Lucid was make a comic book that I would want to read, that I would enjoy, that really captures the heart of stories I want to read and what I love – everything from H.G. Wells to Indiana Jones to James Bond – and at the same time, see if I could create a bold, new, contemporary world to set it in.

    The story will be taking place in an alternate universe, and centers on the American president’s secret magical agent, Matthew Dee, a descendent of John Dee, who is a real historical figure that served as magician for Queen Elizabeth I.

    I’m really not all that crazy about people from the television/movie world coming in to write comic books because it is always very hit or miss. I think that sometimes people think writing comic books is “easy,” and then we end up with a comic like Fall Out Toy Works instead of a comic like Umbrella Academy. Nevertheless, Lucid does sound interesting enough, especially with the influences stated.

    For the full press release, check out Newsarama.

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