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    ‘Heroes’ Finally Biting The Dust?

    By | May 14th, 2010
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    There have been a lot of rumors lately that the show Heroes is not going to be coming back. Heck, I reported this last year. Let’s be honest here – there is no reason for this show to come back. It stopped being good quite some time ago, especially when the initial simplicity was thrown out the window in replace of a series of convoluted plots and characters that refuse to stay dead beyond a single episode (due to, supposedly, network interference).

    According to a report from New York Magazine, NBC has five new shows lined up for it’s fall season and supposedly plans to renew Chuck – but not Heroes anymore. At one time there were rumors that there would be 13 more episodes to “wrap it up,” but where the show left off at the end of season four theoretically could work out as a finale in the case of a lack of renewal, but somehow I don’t think anyone’s going to lose any sleep over this.

    However, for those that might, apparently if the show goes under there is still the possibility of some kind of TV movie type situation to offer “closure.” To what, I don’t really know, but for those that are still into the show, at least you have that.

    In all reality, I tried watching the last season and reviewing it for this site. I found it terribly difficult because I could clearly see there were elements that could work well and should, but the show refused to stay with it’s new directions. Sylar just had to come back, and every time someone “died,” they were revived the next episode because, oh, hey, the bullets didn’t hit anything vital. When Heroes lost the ability to retain any sense of danger to the show, it went downhill and crashed and burned. What’s worse is that the online comic that goes along the show is BETTER than the show itself, featuring a story that for all intents and purposes should be the show (it has Micah teamed up with Claude… need I say more?).

    Of course, we won’t know the ultimate fate of the show until NBC releases it’s fall line up, which should be soon. Stay tuned for more news on the ultimate fate of the once entertaining comic book-like program.

    Matthew Meylikhov

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