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    Hipsters Return For The DCnU

    By | June 29th, 2011
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    Hipsters. Can’t live with them, can’t … well, avoid them. Not at this point, anyway. They’re popping up in movies, funny images and videos, and your local coffee shop. But sometimes, hipsters are absolutely allowed.

    So the DCnU is all about “modern” updates, right? With that in mind, DeviantArt user CallMePo has taken the DCnU concept a bit further in it’s modern perspective and brought all the characters to their natural progression: hipsters. Since we’re all inevitably waiting for the day when DC releases a comic of superheroes in high school who “just wanna go to the proooommmm”, we might as well see the other side of the story now, right? The ones who don’t wanna go to the prom, because it’s far too mainstream.

    So behold: your DCHnU.

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