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    Holy Cow, It’s Live Action Blue Beetle!

    By | June 15th, 2010
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    Geoff Johns teased this the other day on twitter, and now you can (kinda sorta) see it! As posted on DCU’s The Source, Johns has updated us with a bunch of teasers of upcoming things about future DC ventures, with first and foremost being a series of teasers of what the live action Blue Beetle transformation looks like. It looks pretty awesome, and while it has no real home yet, should it find a home I’m certain the fanbase would get behind it.

    Johns also saw fit to tease about two other things. The first is the origin story of Aqualad, to a certain extent anyway (and with some mild spoilers to the comic) and the other being simply that Mark Strong looks amazing as Sinestro For the full low downs on his commentary, check out DCU’s The Source blog.

    For the rest of the Blue Beetle photos, the ones with Jamie as the actual Blue Beetle character, take a look behind the cut.

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