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    Howard, Olivetti to Launch “Thanos” Limited Series in April

    By | January 11th, 2019
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    Marvel have announced a new limited series, “Thanos,” from writer Tini Howard (“Euthanauts”) and artist Ariel Olivetti (“Death of the Inhumans”), set to launch this April. Jeff Dekal (“Iron Fist”) is providing the cover art for the first issue.

    Cover by Jeff Dekal

    In last year’s event series ‘Infinity Wars,’ Thanos was killed by his adoptive daughter, Gamora, but Howard and Olivetti’s new series will travel back in time to explore the start of their complicated relationship. In an interview about the series, Howard described how “one of [her] favorite things about working with an existing character is confronting them, in the narrative, with the things we think about them when we’re reading their stories.” As to what that means for Thanos, she says that “Thanos is brilliant — he knows he’s crazy,” but there’s no one willing to confront him about it, which is “where Gamora comes in.” As for a reference point for their relationship, Howard envisions them like “classic duos where nothing threatens the big bad guy — except for a kid.” She also teased an answer to the question: why did he adopt Gamora?

    Finally, Howard praised Olivetti’s work on the series so far. As a fan, she described “writing with him in mind feels less like typing words and more like composing a symphony.” When she saw some of the pages from the series she was “so floored [that she] had to stop what [she] was doing and send him a personal thank you.”

    “Thanos” #1 is set for release in April.

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