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    Humphries and Rose’s “Sacrifice” Returns In 2013

    By Matthew Meylikhov | December 11th, 2012
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    Last year, we were excited by the release of “Sacrifice,” a new creator-owned and self-published series from Sam Humphries and Dalton Rose. Humphries had just made a name for himself with the fantastic “Our Love Is Real,” a completely self-published one-shot that had gone through several printings, all of which were sell-outs, before finally landing one last grand reprint at Image Comics. Since then, Humphries has gone on to work for BOOM! and Marvel, but whatever happened to “Sacrifice?”

    Originally planned as a six issue mini, “Sacrifice” disappeared at issue #3 when Humphries’ workload grew grander at Marvel. There had been no word on what was going on with the book since then…

    …until now. But that’s what the press release is for.

    For the full press release, see below.

    SACRIFICE Returns! Now Shipping Monthly…Until The End Of The World!

    December 11, 2012 — LOS ANGELES, California — SACRIFICE, the self-published, creator-owned fantasy/action comic book by Sam Humphries and Dalton Rose, is making its triumphant return in January. The book will ship on a monthly schedule until the final, sixth issue.

    SACRIFICE issue 4 will be available in stores and digitally starting on January 16, 2013. Also available on January 16 is UNCANNY X-FORCE issue one, by Sam Humphries and Ron Garney, the relaunch of the fan-favorite Marvel Entertainment title, as part of the blockbuster MARVEL NOW! initiative.

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    “The whole SACRIFICE team has been working hard this year to allow us to return to SACRIFICE without additional delays,” said co-creator Humphries. “Issue 4 is ready to go to the printer, issue 5 is completely drawn, and Dalton is hard at work on issue 6. We’re well within schedule to ship the final issue in March. The book is looking better than ever — we thank our awesome retailers and devoted readers for their patience!”

    Created by ULTIMATES and OUR LOVE IS REAL writer Sam Humphries and rising star Dalton Rose, SACRIFICE is a full-color, six-issue limited series about Hector, a native of the 21st century who is forced to survive during the brutal Aztec Empire. The book features color by Pete Toms, lettering by Troy Peteri, production by Phil Smith, art direction by Dylan Todd, and is edited by Alejandro Arbona (CASANOVA, INVINCIBLE IRON MAN).

    Excessive demand, strong retailer support, fervent reader response, and critical acclaim for SACRIFICE has led to three consecutive advance sell-outs for all three previous issues. As Hector hurtles towards the inevitable doom of the Aztec Empire, the three final issues will complete the saga, shipping on January 16, February 20, and March 20 in 2013.

    Over 60 comic book stores across the US and Canada will continue to stock SACRIFICE and may have copies of the first thee issues still available.

    TFAW.com, the official online partner of SACRIFICE, will continue to offer the title on their website for readers around the world. “The Obsidian Edition” cover variant of each issue is restricted to 250 copies and available exclusively at TFAW.com.

    All previous issues of SACRIFICE are available on digital comic book platform comiXology, whose users can downloaded and enjoy SACRIFICE immediately on the Web as well as iOS and Android devices. Additionally, thanks to the digital publishing platform Graphicly, SACRIFICE is available for purchase on Amazon’s Kindle Marketplace and Apple’s iTunes Store. All future issues of SACRIFICE will be available for same-day digital download on all three platforms.

    “There’s so much to like about this…it’s a strong story, the art is really compelling…it’s really great stuff,” said Blair Butler of G4’s Fresh Ink.

    “Rest assured, it’s cool…if you’re even slightly interested you should pick it up,” raved Ain’t It Cool News.

    “Aztecs vs. Joy Division fans…You haven’t even thought of such a thing. Humphries & Rose have. Listen,” said Kieron Gillen, writer of PHONOGRAM, UNCANNY X-MEN, and THOR.

    “It’s the ecstasy generation plunged into Aztec society, one young man taking a psychedelic trip to the past. A very messy, ugly, and brutal past,” said Rich Johnston of Bleeding Cool.

    “SACRIFICE sees Humphries take a chance on self-publishing a more ambitious and personal narrative,” observed Comics Alliance.

    SACRIFICE is supported by an extensive variant cover/retailer incentive campaign. In addition to the TFAW-exclusive Obsidian Edition, SACRIFICE issue 4 will be available in the Jade Edition cover variant (limited to 100 copies) by one of Marvel’s hottest artists. SACRIFICE is available in New England courtesy of an exclusive distribution agreement with the New England Retail Alliance, serving comic book stores in the American northeast.

    More information on SACRIFICE, including a list of participating retailers, online ordering, and digital download information, is available online at www.aztecsforever.net.

    SACRIFICE writer/publisher Sam Humphries can be reached at: samuelhumphries@gmail.com.

    SAM HUMPHRIES is a comic book writer living in Los Angeles. This January, he will relaunch UNCANNY X-FORCE with Ron Garney for Marvel Comics as part of the blockbuster MARVEL NOW! initiative. His other work includes THE ULTIMATES and JOHN CARTER: GODS OF MARS for Marvel; HIGHER EARTH and FANBOYS VS. ZOMBIES for BOOM! Studios; plus the indie hits OUR LOVE IS REAL and VIRGINIA. You can find him online at samhumphries.com.

    Dalton Rose grew up in the dense woodland of Snohomish, Washington. He received his Masters of Arts from the Savannah College of Art and Design. He currently lives in Portland, Oregon. You can find him online at DaltonJamesRose.com.

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