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    Marvel Announces Four “Hunt for Wolverine” Miniseries

    By and | February 13th, 2018
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    Marvel have announced that May’s “The Hunt for Wolverine” (which kicks off with a one-shot in April) will be made up of four series, chronicling the beloved character’s much anticipated return. Charles Soule will oversee the project, but each series will have their own creative team. The books include “Hunt For Wolverine: Weapon Lost” (#1-4) by Charles Soule and Matteo Buffagni, “Hunt for Wolverine: Adamantium Agenda” (#1-4) by Tom Taylor and R. B. Silva, “Hunt for Wolverine: Claws Of A Killer” (#1-4) by Mariko Tamaki and Butch Guice, and “Hunt for Wolverine: Mystery in Madripoor” (#1-4) by Jim Zub and Chris Bachalo.

    We’ve attached the press release for the series below the covers for the first issue of each series (all by Greg Land). Be sure to let us know in the comments how you feel about this much Wolverine over the summer.

    Weapon Lost
    Adamantium Agenda
    Claws Of A Killer
    Mystery in Madripoor

    THE HUNT FOR WOLVERINE Expands Into Four Epic Tales!

    Is it really Logan? The mystery surrounding his return continues….

    New York, NY — February 13, 2018 — Wolverine has been trekking across the Marvel Universe, from the pages of 2017’s best-selling comic MARVEL LEGACY #1 to the current glimpses of Logan in the ‘Where’s Wolverine’ pages featured in select Marvel comics…but is that really the Logan we all know and love?

    This May, the story that kicked off in April’s THE HUNT FOR WOLVERINE #1 continues as intrigue, mystery, romance, and action collide in an epic so big, it will take four different series to tell the tale! Featuring thrills and chills for all X-Men fans as Wolverine’s past comes back to haunt all our merry mutants, each unique story harkens back to their old school adventures – changing some characters in ways that will shock readers.

    Orchestrated by HUNT FOR WOLVERINE and DEATH OF WOLVERINE writer Charles Soule, a star-studded cast of talent have teamed up to unravel Wolverine’s secrets. ‘Avengers No Surrender’ writer Jim Zub, “She-Hulk” writer Mariko Tamaki, “All-New Wolverine” writer Tom Taylor, “The Amazing Spider-Man” artist Matteo Buffagni, “X-Men Blue” artist R.B. Silva, “Black Panther and the Crew” artist Butch Guice, and “Spider-Man/Deadpool” artist Chris Bachalo will join forces for four series that form one interlocking epic adventure, each one containing its own distinct genre and mystery: “Weapon Lost” (noir/detective), “Adamantium Agenda” (action/adventure), “Claws Of A Killer” (horror) and “Mystery in Madripoor” (dark romance.)

    “I’ve been holding my tongue, just waiting to announce this project and team of ultra-talented creators,” said series editor Mark Paniccia. “While these stories all reveal clues to the larger mystery behind Wolverine’s return, the writers all have some pretty huge moments planned that will have X-MEN fans talking and debating for some time to come.”

    Featuring classic Marvel characters from Daredevil to Kitty Pryde to Spider-Man to Iron Man, major Marvel heroes will become part of Wolverine’s mystery as they try to track down Logan and figure out his secrets. But with answers come more questions…and with reveals come even more mysteries. Every clue leads to another twisting road and each story will provide fans with another tantalizing piece of the puzzle that will lead readers closer to finding out the real truth!

    And it will all come together to set the stage for the most shocking and daring Wolverine story to date along with a spectacular return!

    His return was just the beginning – the opening chapter of a story that will touch all corners and all characters of the Marvel Universe. Dive into all the excitement in the HUNT FOR WOLVERINE one-shot this April, and then be sure to follow all of the action with WEAPON LOST, ADAMANTIUM AGENDA, CLAWS OF A KILLER and MYSTERY IN MADRIPOOR, available in comic shops starting in May!

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