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    “The Hunt for Wolverine” Starts in April

    By | January 20th, 2018
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    Variant cover by Steve McNiven
    Marvel have announced that “Death of Wolverine” writer Charles Soule, and artist David Marquez (“Civil War II”), will collaborate on “The Hunt for Wolverine: Alpha,” the first of five one-shots uncovering how Wolverine returned from the dead before the events of “Marvel Legacy.”

    “Alpha” will be published in April, and shall be followed quickly by the other four parts in May. The other four issues will have their own creative teams, and explore other genres:

    – “Adamantium Agenda” (action/adventure)
    – “Claws of the Killer” (horror)
    – “Mystery in Madripoor” (dark romance)
    – “Weapon Lost” (detective/noir)

    Soule told Marvel, “Steve McNiven and I took on the incredible task of killing Wolverine back in 2014 — it was one of my earliest projects at Marvel, and such a huge opportunity. Intimidating, tricky, all of that — but ultimately, I think we created a book (alongside [inker] Jay Leisten, [colorist] Justin Ponsor and [letterer] Chris Eliopolous) that we’re all really proud of.” He said of the series as a whole, “There’s a big payoff coming down the road, and all the interlocking parts of ‘The Hunt for Wolverine’ build to it. The more you read, the more clues you get. It’s really fun — especially since I have a bit of a reputation in X-continuity for knocking off beloved mutants. This time, it’s nice to be part of bringing someone back!”

    The first issue will have variant covers from McNiven and Adam Kubert. In the meantime, the resurrected Logan is continuing to star in back-up features in other characters’ books – branded with the ‘Where is Wolverine?‘ logo – and will be part of “Infinity Countdown,” which starts in March.

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