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    Incredible Hulks: Dark Son Begins

    By | June 11th, 2010
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    One thing a lot of fans have been ignoring/forgetting is that in addition to Skaar and all the crazy Hulk stuff that has been going on in the Hulk books, there is a second Son of Hulk out there. Introduced immediately after Skaar came to Earth, the second son – by the name of Hiro Kala – fought Galactus, ravaged a planet, and helped save/destroy an additional world. Now it’s time for him to become relevant in the Hulk’s own life, and no sooner does World War Hulks end than Dark Son begins.

    Scott Reed, who has been writing Hiro-Kala’s adventures, will team up with Greg Pak in the retitled Incredible Hulks series starting in September for the story. It turns out Hiro-Kala is just as vengeful as Skaar was when Skaar first arrived on the planet, and after finally (assumedly) resolving their differences at the end of World War Hulks, Hiro Kala will arrive to shake it up. As Pak states in an interview with Newsarama,

    The stakes are sky high. We all know the potential consequences when Banner loses control. And now Banner may be faced with an impossible choice, torn between his two sons — and possibly his beloved Betty. I’ll also go ahead and confirm that yes, we will see a distinct Banner and a distinct Hulk. I spent most of “Planet Hulk” and “World War Hulk” developing the Hulk. And I spent most of my run since then focussing on Banner. Now we’re going to explore both sides at once, with all the tension and drama that brings.

    For more on the storyline as well as discussions with Pak about his and Reed’s involvements, check out the interview over at Newsarama. Are you excited for a brand new Hulk storyline? Do you want to see the Hulk get more “back to basics,” or is his epic family reunion doing it for you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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