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    Indy Comic Book Week is Here!

    By | December 30th, 2009
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    As our readers may or may not know, this is a week that features only two new releases – DC’s Blackest Night #6 (can you say leak?) and Marvel’s free (!) Origins of Siege. Both are very exciting but do not forget, it is also very exciting for another reason. It’s Indy Comic Book Week!

    We at Multiversity are big supporters of anything and everything comic book related. Indy Comic Book Week takes the truly independent works of some great creators and puts them into stores near you (I really mean you in this situation – no one in Alaska is participating in Indy Comic Book Week). It’s an attempt for these writers and artists to self publish some work and get it into stores for your average comic reader to try out in a week almost nothing is being shipped. So this week, go to your local comic book store and ask them if they have any Indy Comic Book Week certified titles. While you’re at it, pick one up for me and send it up to Alaska so I can get my ICBW on as well.

    If you don’t believe me that this is awesome, see after the jump for Matt’s review of our friends at St. James Comics title Ex Occultus: Badge of Langavat. It is a featured release during Indy Comic Book Week that we support big time. We’ve also provided a list of all the participating retailers after the jump as well, so see if there’s a place you can go!

    Ex Occultus: Badge of Langavat
    By Robert James Russell
    Artwork by Sandra Lanz

    I’ll be as upright as I always try to be: I am not a big fan of horror. I like zombie related things sure, but just in general horror stories don’t do it for me. The closest you’ll see me reading in comic form is a Hellboy comic, and that doesn’t really count, now does it? However, after reading Ex Occultus, I’ve gotta say that this horror could do it for me.

    In Badge of Langaval, we’re treated to a one-shot story starring the main character of the series, Francis Wakefield, as he travels the countryside with fellow monster hunter Fergus Duff, investigating the case of some missing children. There have been rumors of werewolves and, Wakefield being the brave explorer that he is, spares no expense in doing what he can to find these children. Upon the discovery of a clan of werewolves, whose legend ties back farther than we could have imagined, intense action breaks out as Wakefield and Duff battle the beasts for the lives of the children. Awesome.

    As much as I generally dislike horror stories, I thought this one was splendidly told. Russell has created a fine hero in Wakefield, one whose silence and general brooding demeanor creates intrigue towards his travels and adventures. As the book unfolds, we see a wonderful mythos laying within, and it doesn’t treat the reader as a fool either. Nothing is explained too thoroughly and there is an appendix in the back to help elaborate for those who need/want it. It makes for an excellent touch of writing.

    As for the artwork by Lanz, her thick lines and shadows create for a terrificly dark and foreboding landscape. There is one scene in particular near the end, during the final confrontation, which really helps her to shine with her artwork. Her characterizations are steadfast and the panels do an amazing job of moving the story bit by bit. The dark world she has been given the chance to bring to life is tremendous.

    Suffice it to say, this Ex Occultus does a terrific job of introducing new readers (like myself) to the world created here. For fans of horror and non-horror alike, it’s always fun to watch a werewolf get terminated, 1800’s style.

    Participating Retailers

    Madness Games & Comics
    Plano, TX | 972.943.8135

    Zeus Toys & Comics
    Dallas, TX | 214.219.8697

    Titan Comics
    Dallas, TX | 214.350.4420

    Keith’s Comics
    Dallas, TX | 214.827.3060

    Lone Star Comics
    Arlington, TX | 817.860.7827

    Jim Hanley’s Universe
    New York, NY | 212.268.7088

    Continued below

    Midtown Comics
    New York, NY| 800.411.3341

    Heroplex Comics & Games
    Richland Hills TX | 817.581.4376

    Ssalefish Comics
    Winston Salem, NC | 336.760.9851

    Brainstorm Movies, Comics & Games
    Chicago, IL | 773.384.8721

    Green Brain Comics
    Dearborn, MI | 313.582.9444

    Sarge’s Comics
    New London, CT | 860.443.2004

    Challengers Comics
    Chicago, IL| 773.278.0155

    Boomerang Comics
    Lewisville, TX| 972.315.5291

    Hub Comics
    Somerville, MA| 617.718.0987

    4 Color Fantasies
    Rancho Cucamonga, CA| 909.563.8751

    Pulp Nouveau Comix
    Canandaigua, NY | 585.394.8250

    Astrokitty Comics & More
    Lawrence, KS | 785.856.8607

    Zaldiva Comics & Collectibles
    Fort Lauderdale, FL | 945.938.4133

    Dragon’s Horde
    Stone Mountain, GA | 404.298.1188

    Floating World Comics
    Portland, OR| 503.241.0227

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