Infinite Vacation #5 Gets a Release Date and a New Page Count

Here’s some good news for those of you looking for some last second good news before everything shuts down for the Holidays.

Remember that “Infinite Vacation” comic? The one with the missing #5? The one that Christian Ward was working on when we talked to him in August? That was then teased as done?

Mark your calendars: January 9th, 2013. 64 pages. $5.99.

In the immortal words of Rebecca Black, we so excited. And yes, this is something we checked and confirmed before telling you.

That’s right — Image is kicking off the year by bringing back a series we haven’t seen in a while, but we all fondly remember. It makes you wonder what other series that have disappeared might be coming back? Things like “Pigs” or “Nonplayer,” perhaps? Cross your fingers, folks. 2013 is going to be quite great for comics indeed.

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User's Comments
  • Nathanial Perkins

    I’m still waiting for “Fell” #8…

  • Chris Kiser

    Yesssssss! This series was so good.

  • Vince Spallino

    Excellent Rebecca Black reference hahaha. And yeah, I’m still waiting on Hickman’s “Secret” #3. But I’m not holding my breath, since he seems to be coming out with all kinds of new books instead of finishing that one. Wazupwitdat?

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