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NYCC ’18: “Invaders” Are Returning In January

By | October 5th, 2018
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In January, Marvel Comics’ “Invaders” #1 will see the return of the Invaders, with writer Chip Zdarsky (“Sex Criminals”) and artists Carlos Magno (“Kong on the Planet of the Apes”) and Butch Guice (“Secret Avengers”) at the helm. Guice will also be providing the cover art. Mico Suayan and Alex Ross will be supplying the variant covers. Contrary to yesterday’s reports of it being a one-shot released to mark Marvel’s 80th anniversary, the series is an ongoing.

Cover by Butch Guice

The comic will reunite the team (which made its first appearance in “Avengers” #71 in 1969) consisting of Captain America, Bucky Barnes, the original Human Torch (with his sidekick Toro) and Namor, but with a twist: Bucky Barnes will be the Winter Soldier, and Namor will be their opposition, as he tries to unleash a new deadly threat.

The original team appeared in flashback sequences that told stories of them fighting against the Axis in World War II, and the new series seems promised to honor the legacy of their flashback origins. Zdarsky detailed that Magno will be providing the art for the modern sequences of the book, with Guice illustrating the WWII scenes.

In addition to this, Zdarsky described Captain America and Namor as “two of [his] all-time favourite characters” so being given the opportunity to have them in both opposition and alongside each other is a “dream come true.”

“Invaders” #1 is scheduled for release in January.

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