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    Iron Man 2 Takes Off Tonight

    By | May 7th, 2010
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    Apparently some small, independent movie is launching tonight. I guess it may be based on a comic or something? What was it called?

    Oh yeah…Iron Man 2.

    This MASSIVE blockbuster (it is breaking The Dark Knight‘s all-time screens record this weekend) is launching in America with a slew of midnight showings and Knight‘s single weekend box office record in sight. With early buzz stating that it’s a worthy follow up to the original (albeit perhaps a bit less fun) and tracking reading off the charts, I’m going to go ahead and make the very difficult prediction that it will in fact be creating a new record.

    With the ascension of IMAX thanks to Avatar‘s thunderous period in theaters, IM2 is set to launch in a bevy of those specialized (and higher revenue producing!) theaters, further stoking the flames of its inferno of buzz.

    The question is will it satisfy the needs of Joe and Jill Comic Fan? We’ll find out this weekend, as all of MC will be attending showings for a community review session that will go up on Saturday. Look for that, and leave what you think of all of the IM2 goodness (and I suppose, badness) in the comments.

    David Harper

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